Looking to join a high referring network?

We refer more medico legal instructions to our local team of respected consultant experts.

Our team of consultants are experienced in both NHS and private provider services. They are all highly recognised in their areas of expertise and have a good track record in providing medicolegal opinions. Our team of experts often work closely together and benefit from our administrative support, ensuring solicitors have a reliable contact to field enquiries.

  • Consultant Surgical specialists
  • Consultant Sports Medicine experts
  • Consultant Medical Physicians

A service you can rely on


Send us a enquiry and we would be happy to provide an initial view. Find an expert - is part of our modus operande.


Our business structure ensures you have the relevant support throughout the case.

Time aware

We will work to your timescale and can have reports prepared within 2 weeks if required.

Cost effective

We will always supply an estimate of works whether a desktop case or a clinical assessment. We are 99% accurate and will notify you if our original estimate changes for unforeseen issues.