General Physiotherapy

Our Physiotherapy Experts will review the care pathway, including a review of clinical records, the treatment provided and the recommendations or management of each case. Treatment protocols are measured against recommended guidelines and relevant clinical research available at the time of the case. As part of the case review, recommendations to long term care may be applicable.

  • A review of clinical care pathways, current and future needs. Provision of rehabilitation costs required for future surgical intervention.

Formal Physiotherapy is the use of assessment and intervention to develop, recover, or maintain the meaningful activities, or occupations, of individuals, groups, or communities. Treatment will include referrals form Primary Care ( GPs), Secondary Care ( consultants and hospital referrals), Post operative care and rehabilitation following trauma or injury. Cases can include NHS and in private practice.

Physiotherapists currently play a multitude of roles within the NHS and Private Sector where they can often be the first contact either by telephone or video triaging services or face to face assessments. Physiotherapists currently adopt roles within hospital , General Practice or the community where they have full clinical autonomy and are responsible for the treatment pathway.

The roles can be First Contract Practitioner (FCP) within Primary Care ( GP Practices), Advance Physiotherapy Practitioners (APP) within Secondary Care (Hospitals such as A&E and Orthopaedic Triage), Extended Scope Practitioners (ESPs) who assess and recommend suitable treatment pathways such as a referral to formal physiotherapy or for further intervention ( investigations (MRI, X-ray) or surgical opinions).

All roles have recommended clinical guidelines, follow the relevant local Trust Pathways and standards of care that have to be maintained in the variety of clinical settings.

General Physiotherapy

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