How we approach each project


We will explore your enquiry, and if it's within our scope of practice we will provide an experienced expert and work within your time constraints.


Our process is straight forward:  a case review with feedback within 24 hours or contact us directly to discuss a case.


Once you are happy we have confirmed a suitable expert from our team, and your have accepted our T&Cs, we will start to process your case. Files are accepted electronically and digitally tracked.


You will receive the reports in a timely manner, and our structure encompasses the continued support you need to manage the case from start to completion.

Sample Report Structure

A reporting service you can rely on

You will find our reports follow the recommended guidelines, providing a consistent and robust reporting structure. The below information provides an outline guide, however all our reports are tailored to the individual client. Whilst clinicians maintain their professional registrations and affiliation to appropriate medicolegal organisations keeping us up to date with the changing environment.

Our report structure

We follow the guidance set out in CPR 35 and PD35

  • Introduction
  • Synopsis of the case
  • Summary findings
  • Expert relevance to the case
  • Background to the case
  • Review of medical notes, statement and clinical assessment as appropriate
  • Research and case summary
  • Conclusion
  • Statement of truth
  • Appendix: Recommendations, Care needs long term needs.

Experienced and recommended

Our experts regularly attend Case Conference meetings either in person or by televideo and have provided evidence in Court including cross-examination.

Our reports reflect on professional standards

We review the standard of care with the following guidelines:

  • CSP Standards ( professional standards)
  • HCPC guidelines (conduct, performance and ethics)
  • National and local clinical guidelines / pathways ( NICE and Trust guidelines)
  • Surgical recommendations / instructions
  • Training and competencies

Independent- impartial- individual - client focused reports

Our reports are bespoke and not prescriptive. We do not use generic reporting software but provide an individual approach to assessing each case in its own right.

  • Case review within 24 hours
  • Desktop reports within 2-4 weeks
  • Systematic reporting process for managing your referral
  • Clinical, home or online assessments available nationwide

Below you can access our Terms of Use and Data Security Policy.

Report types available

Home or clinic based assessments and Care Reports

We visit client's homes to assess their current and future needs.

Online video Assessments

We use the latest digital encrypted technology to engage with online face to face consultations.

Breach of Duty Reports

Our reports include Causation and long term rehabilitation requirements.

Desktop Reports

We accept instructions to undertake Desktop Reports assessing the full medical records and relevant reports and statements.