Online video Assessments

Our experienced team have developed their skills to enable assessment anywhere via encrypt video technology. We arrange appointments and send instructions to undertake a clear and accountable assessment of clients. Appointments can be arranged at a convenient time to the client, 7 days a week. Embracing a new way of working. With lockdown and self-isolation set to continue for the foreseeable future, adapting to this new way of working will ensure that patients, solicitors, healthcare professionals, the Courts and other stakeholders can continue to access medical services and due process under the law in these unprecedented times. Our clinical experts have been have been proficient in the use of Video-consulting for some time and are now working with our stakeholders in the legal and judiciary system to continue providing our specialist medio-legal services. Medicolegal Video consultations are already taking place, with Experts taking part in case reviews via online and telephone conferencing. This is support by our professional bodies and will become part of medical services in the future.

Online video Assessments

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